Men’s/Women’s Singles    Mon Sep 16 – Sun Sep 29
Mixed Doubles     Tues Sep 3 – Sun Sep 15
Men’s/Women’s Doubles     Mon Aug 12 – Sun Aug 25
Century Mixed Doubles     Mon. Sept. 9 to Sun. Sept. 15



The Mens’s and Women’s Singles Ladder is a popular Kew Gardens program.  There are a total of 3 cycles running from June 1st – August 31st, each cycle running for period of 4 weeks with a box style format.


Friday June 1 – Friday June 29  (break June 30 – July 1) 

Monday July 2 – Monday July 30  (break July 31 – August 2)

Friday August 3 – Friday Aug 31


Players MUST register at the clubhouse and pay the $20 (inc HST) registration fee by May 28th. (cash or cheque only). *registrations cannot be made over the phone* 

When registering for the ladder please include your:

  • Full Name
  • NTRP Rating
  • Email
  • Phone

Players will receive the contact information for all players in their respective boxes via email prior to the start date of each cycle. Players are responsible for scheduling their own matches with other players in their box.


The Ladder tournament will take place at the end of the season for the top 8 players in both Men’s and Women’s divisions. The tournament will be held between the dates of September 10 – September 16th. Players MUST have played in all (3) cycles and have played the (3) match requirement for each of those cycles to be eligible for the tournament.

Prize Money will be paid out to the Winner and Finalist. Prize money will be based on a percentage of the monies collected for the ladder.

Bonus prize money equaling 10% of the total money collected will be distributed at the end of the year to the player(s) playing the most matches. If there is a tie, the money will be evenly distributed among the winners (less administrative costs)


Kew is a busy club and finding court time for ladder matches can be a challenge. In order, to facilitate ladder play, Kew has reserved (1) hard court on Friday nights from 6pm – 10 pm and on Sunday night (2) clay courts from 6pm to 9pm. These courts and times are for ladder play only. Participants will be able to book these times either in person or by phone the day of match starting at 9:30am. Ladder matches are not restricted to these hours only. They can also be played at any other times when the club is open.


  • The ladder will run from Jun 1 to Aug 31. There will be (3) cycles – each (4) weeks in length.
  • Injured players will be removed from the ladder until they are able to play again. Players unavailable to play during a cycle will be removed from the ladder and can rejoin the following cycle.
  • Players who have difficulty reaching or arranging a game with another player must inform the ladder coordinator (Ira Sherman at registering a default. Defaults will be given at the discretion of the ladder coordinator and must be recorded as a default.
  • New players entering the ladder will be placed into groups according to their NTRP rating.
  • Players who play all of their matches during a cycle will receive 4 bonus points.
  • At the end of a cycle, the club will draw up new divisions. Top players in each group may be promoted to the next group at the end of the cycle. The bottom players may be demoted a group. However, if a player appears to be placed in a division significantly too low or too high, he or she may be promoted/demoted more than one division at a time.
  • Tennis matches are one pro-set, no-ad scoring. The first player to win 8 games wins. At 7 all, a 7 point tiebreaker will be played. A game or a tiebreaker must be finished for it to count. If you are unable to finish a match because your hour is up, or because you have been bumped by another member, please report the score to the last finished game.
  • Players arriving more than 15 minutes late are subject to default.
  • Points will be awarded in the following manner. Win= 4 points   Tie= 2 points   Loss= 1 point   Default= 0 points
  • Both players must supply a can of new balls at the beginning of the match. The loser keeps the used balls and the winner the new balls.
  • Players are responsible for recording their own scores on the ladder sheet in the clubhouse.
  • The ladder coordinator settles all disputes.