Team Selection

Kew Gardens will hold adult team tryouts in March and April of each year at an indoor venue. Junior team members are selected from participants in the Kew High Performance Junior Program. Tryouts are open to all Kew members. Players selected for a team must be Kew members in good standing who have paid their club membership and team fees and are available for most league matches in their division. The 2017 teams fees to be determined. Players who have not paid their club membership and teams fees are ineligible to play league matches until such fees are paid.

All players must attend team tryouts unless exempted by the Teams Director. Players may try out for more than one team. If a player cannot attend a specific tryout, then he/she is encouraged to contact the Teams Director for another tryout date. Team members are selected according to their performance at team tryouts and their history of competitive play (i.e. league matches; Club, OTA or Tennis Canada tournaments). Players who are new Kew members must be in attendance at team tryouts unless exempted by the Teams Director. The tryout format and team selection process will be communicated to players at each tryout by Head Pro Bobby Mahal and Teams Director Ed Flanigan and a Teams Committee.

The court fee for each tryout is $25.00, payable by cash or cheque. For further information about team selection, please contact Teams Director Ed Flanigan at  All team rosters will be finalized by April 13th.

2017 Kew Team Tryouts – Mayfair Lakeshore Tennis Club, 801 Lakeshore Blvd. East (just west of Carlaw) – Free Parking out front

See teams for dates/times for tryouts.

If you can’t come to a tryout designated for your level please contact Team Director Ed Flanigan at and he will try to place you in a suitable tryout.

 Team Tryouts – Important Information

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early for each tryout, to allow the Teams Selection Committee to register you and place you on a court. Please plan to stay for the entire 2 hours. If you leave earlier, it affects other tryout rotations.

All tryouts are $25 per person per tryout (payable by cash or cheque payable to “Kew Gardens Tennis Club”). Please come to the tryout with your tryout fee in hand – there is an ATM next door at the gas station if you forget your $25.

You may try out for more than one team. You only need to attend one tryout for your team of interest. You can attend multiple tryouts should you wish (at $25 per tryout).

Our teams primarily play in doubles leagues, and so the emphasis will be on playing in doubles round robins at the tryouts.

You may renew your Kew membership at the tryouts.

Team Acceptance

Each player who is selected for a Kew team must confirm that he/she will join the roster no later than Friday April 29, 2017, or his/her spot will be offered to another interested player. Teams may only have players on the roster that meet the criteria set out by the appropriate league. Team captains may not add players to the roster after the tryouts without the permission of the Teams Director.

Players selected for a Kew team will have an opportunity to elect their captain and co-captain and to pay their teams fee at their first team meeting.