How to book a court


In Person Bookings

When you arrive, please check in with the Club Manager or Court Monitor on duty and he/she will assign you an available clay or a hard court. Please identify ALL players by their first and last name and please assist our staff by putting in your Member Number on the booking sheet.  Membership numbers should be recorded for all members before they use the courts.

You must be a member to book courts (except during public hours) and must not be currently on a court or already holding a booking for a future time slot.  Bookings for future time slots include team matches.  Currently on court includes lessons and clinics.   By fifteen minutes prior to your court start time, you must supply the name of another member (player) who is not currently on a court and who does not already hold another booking for a future time slot. Otherwise, the court will be reassigned to any two other members who are not currently on a court and who do not already hold another booking for a future time slot.

On Sunday and holiday mornings, clay courts are booked for doubles only. Members may play singles only if there are open courts. By fifteen minutes prior to the court start time, you must supply the names of three other members (players) who are not currently on a court and who do not already hold another booking for a future time slot. Otherwise, the court may be reassigned to any four other members who are not currently on a court and who do not already hold another booking for a future time slot.

Courts are booked for a one hour period. If the court is available, members wishing to play longer MUST re-book for the next period at the end of their first hour. Failure to re-book makes the court an available court for other members.

If you have played for two straight hours, you CANNOT book for a third hour OR join another court or group, unless there is an OPEN (unbooked) court (i.e. no members are waiting for a court).

Courts may be booked one hour in advance OR further in advance if all courts are booked for the next period(s), or unavailable due to clay court maintenance. Afternoon court bookings start at 11:30 am. Weekday evening clay court bookings start at 6:00pm. Weekend evening bookings start at 5:30 pm, as clay court maintenance is from 6:00 to 7:00 pm on weekends.

Courts not claimed may be offered to waiting members or to those on a waiting list.

If you enter an empty court when you have booked for the next (subsequent) time period EARLY and play for more than 30 minutes, you will lose your court privileges for the next time period if other members come and sign in.

When there are open and available courts during any booking period, the players on court the longest are the first to be removed, then singles courts would follow; then doubles players would be the last members to be taken off.

Members are not allowed on a vacant booked court until the Club Manager or Court Monitor on duty has confirmed that the signed players have lost their booking period (at start time).

Juniors with adult playing privileges are not permitted to book the clay courts from 6 pm onward in July and August.  If 2 or more adult members have booked a court, one or 2 juniors may join them on the court.  If a clay court is empty and unbooked at the start of an hour, juniors may play on that court for the hour.

On-line booking – Hard Courts — Monday to Friday from 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm: Clay Courts – Monday to Friday 6:00 time slot only can be booked on-line

Members may book on-line starting at 9:00am for that evening and reserve a hard court for one of the following one-hour time slots: 6:00 pm, 7:00 pm, 8:00 pm, 9:00 pm & 10pm. If you need to cancel your court, you must call the Manager on duty (416) 699-1635.  If you do not cancel, your on-line booking privileges may be suspended for a period of time.

Bookings on Team Nights

In addition to booking available courts as per the above policies, you may book a court after a team match is finished. You may show up in person and put your name on a waiting list with the Club Manager or Court Steward on duty to play on the clay or hard courts after the teams finish their matches. As the teams finish their matches, the Club Manager or Court Steward on duty will assign members a court from the waiting list.

Booking for Socials (Including Special Events

If you are playing in a scheduled event at 7:00pm on any of these nights (team, tournament, social, lesson or clinic) you CANNOT pre-book a 6:00pm court.

These courts are available and can be pre-booked by members not involved in events at 7:00pm, where the courts are reserved for them and their team, social or tournament.

Members “walking on” an open and available 6:00pm court, can play for the hour and also participate in any scheduled 7:00pm event, as the court(s) were free.

Members taking lessons and/or clinics, CANNOT pre-book a court the hour before, or a court the hour after their organized lesson or clinic.

Members CANNOT book two courts, two hours in a row. This also applies to booking a hard court and then moving to a clay court for the next consecutive hour of play.