Dir Code of Conduct

As a member of the Board of Directors, I will:

  • Consider and represent the interests of all members of the Club
  • Represent the needs of my portfolio while being considerate of the needs of the Club as a whole
  • Be respectful of my fellow Board members at all times
  • Act with vigilance and integrity to ensure that the Club is managed in a proper manner complying with laws and regulations and consistent with the objectives of the Club
  • Exercise due care, diligence, and skill
  • Not use the Club or my service on this Board for my own personal advantage or for the advantage of my family, friends, and supporters (refer to Conflict of Interest guidelines)
  • Keep Board discussions confidential unless otherwise determined by the Board
  • Carefully listen, consider and respect the opinions of my fellow Board members
  • Respect and support all majority decisions of the Board
  • Do nothing to violate the trust of the membership
  • Recognize that only the President has the authority to direct staff or management
  • Recognize and respect the authority of the President and his/her responsibility to lead an efficient and effective meeting
  • Attend all Board meetings unless prevented by good cause, be on time, and expect to stay for the duration of the meeting
  • Bring to the attention of the Board any issues that will have a significant impact on our Club or those we serve
  • Work with members of the staff, management and Board members to refer complaints to the proper level in the chain of command
  • As a Board member representing the Club, embody qualities of courtesy, congeniality, vitality and enthusiasm when at the Club

As a member of the Board, I will not:

  • Criticize fellow Board Members or their opinions outside of Board meetings
  • Decide how I will vote on an issue before hearing the discussion and becoming fully informed about that issue
  • Speak for, or on behalf of, the Club unless specifically authorized to do so

The Kew Gardens Tennis Club Board of Directors:

  • Will respond to any member’s written concerns or complaints within 30 days in writing
  • If a Board member is the subject of a complaint, said complaint will be investigated by the independent standing Board Code of Conduct Committee, comprised of up to five non-Board volunteer club members.