2017 Kew Membership Fee Schedule¹

Type After April 8
Returning Adult Membership1 $200 2
Returning Senior Membership 1 $135 3
New Adult Membership $310
New Senior Membership $245
Re-registration Fee for paid members in 2013/14/15 $35
Student Membership 4 $140
Junior Member Fee 5 $35

1 Must have been a paid member in 2016 or a Paid Leave of Absence
2 Includes Returning Adult Member discount of $110
3 Includes Returning Senior Member discount of $110
4 Students 18-24 years old 
5 Junior Member fee must be paid before registering for any programs

NOTE Above prices reflect new City of Toronto guidelines effective Jan 1, 2017

All are inclusive of HST

Bank and processing fees on NSF cheques: $30

Bank and processing fees on any other refunds: $10

Reregistration Fee

Adults and Seniors who were not paid members in 2016 but were paid members in either of 2013, 2014 or 2015 must pay a one-time reregistration fee of $35.00. Anyone who was a member prior to 2013 must pay the New Member (Adult or Senior) Fee.
Reregistration fee is $35.00 inclusive of HST.

We encourage everyone to register online here – Kew Registration